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A collection of reports, to be gradually presented.


2024 Special Report

European Public Goods

Collection of Reports submitted quarterly at its request to the Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) Committee in support of the Monetary Dialogue with the ECB. In reverse chronological order (to be completed).

2020 - 2024

2024-1 The age of reason?

2023-4 The Inflation Episode

2023-3 Big Central Banks and Big Debts

2023-2 Real Challenges to the ECB

2023-1 Now is the time for QT

2022-3 The TPI: a useful step, just a step

2022-2 And now, the Ukraine shock

2022-1 Communication is not just talking

2021-4 The ECB's New Definition of Price Stability: Better but Short of Specifics

2021-3 What about policy normalization?

2021-2 Once more, the US leads Europe

2021-1 The challenging cliff-edge

2020-2 The euro area after Covid-19

2020-1 Independence with weak accountability: the Swiss case


2014-3 Recent ECB actions

2014-2 Non-standard policies

2014-1 The Monetary Dialogue

2013-4 Exit Strategies

2013-3 Non-standard policy actions

2013-2 European Deposit Guarantee Scheme

2013-1 Low interest rates

2012-4 Eurozone reforms

2012-3 Outright Monetary Transactions

2012-2 Fiscal Adjustments

2012-1 Macroeconomic imbalances

2011-4 ESM and EFSF

2011-3 Changing of the Guard

2011-2 Debt restructuring

2011-1 Eurobonds

2010-4 Currency wars

2010-3 Multilateral surveillance

2010-2 The debt crisis

2010-1 High deficits and debts

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